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J & S Billing Group, LLC is a Multi-specialized firm that offers full-service physician and non-physician billing, coding, credentialing and consultative services. Timely and appropriate reimbursement of medical billing and coding requires knowledge and experience in order to improve your profits, your cash flow and generate the fastest, maximum payments on all of your claims.

As a medical & billing coding company, we work on the best medical practices, view, organize and execute the tasks associated with the entire medical billing process.

The work of medical billing companies encompasses all the activities required for doctors or other healthcare practitioners to get paid by either the patient or reimbursed by an insurance carrier. With J & S Billing Group your practice will receive more because we offer: management and reorganization, accounts receivable management, private insurance contract negotiations, Medicare enrollment and audit resolution.

As specialists in the field of health care industry we have complete knowledge of medical billing and collections; probably the most important administrative aspects that save physicians and their practices valuable time and improve their financial issues. Our whole understanding plays a crucial role in bringing more clarity and ease in the complex payment mechanism.