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About Us

J & S Billing Group, LLC is a Multi-specialized firm in healthcare billing and collections that offers full- medical billing, coding and consultative services.

We have over 20 years of extensive ICD-9&10/CPT-4 coding, and we have transitioned to the U.S. health care industry's transitions to  Version 5010 standards for electronic health transactions that was set in place on  January 1, 2012 and ICD-10  for medical diagnosis and inpatient procedure coding on October 1, 2015.

Our medical billing company has an extensive revenue management experience. J & S Billing Group, LLC works to ensure the maximum reimbursement for each and every claim reducing your back office expenses. Our Knowledge and adherence to Government Regulations and close follow-up of clear policies is the key of success in J & S Business Group.

Our physician billing processes, claims filing and medical management services are strictly observed; checking and scrutinizing the claim before it's sent, r
educing medical billing costs reviewing the billing and collections process to discover problems and prevent undue financial loss.

Our Goal:  Increase the revenue of the healthcare facilities to a large extent. Increase the likelihood of collecting every dollar the physician is entitled to receive.

We are located in Jacksonville, Florida. However, we have our “in house” option: one of our employees will be in your office in order to attend your requirements and respond to your necessity of the local presence.