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Our Commitment

At J & S Billing Group, we are committed to provide unequalled accounts receivable management services to your practice.  We will carry out our commitment in healthcare billing services by concentrating on the following areas:


Personnel Our employees are selected using strict evaluation criteria.  Once hired, they will be thoroughly trained, properly motivated, and continually evaluated to ensure they are following company policies, procedures, and processes.


Compliance We will ensure your Practice is compliant with all insurance payor and governmental regulations by utilizing all available reference sources and closely monitoring employee coding and posting activities.


Follow-Up Recognizing that a claim form or patient statement is the start of the billing process, not the end, we will follow‑up with insurance carriers and patients in a timely and consistent manner until the account is paid or it is determined that it cannot be collected.


Quality Assurance All steps in the medical billing & coding process, including contact with patients, facility personnel, and client representatives will be constantly monitored by members of management to ensure the highest level of quality is achieved.


Data Processing We continue to invest in state‑of‑the‑art hardware and software to permit efficient processing of incoming and outgoing data and generation of performance reports.  The system will be constantly updated, refined and improved to meet changes and ensure continued industry leadership.


Communication  We pledge to openly communicate with your staff at every level, develop relationships with your practice designees and insurance carriers, meet directly with your staff as needed and make our staff and Management available to meet the needs of your practice.